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For my last assignment for my final project I did Greetings from ds106 (again). I previously did this assignment here, but for the stake of my final story I went ahead and did it twice (it will make more sense when you see my whole story together.

For this assignment I made my postcard for a small town in Mississippi.  It wasn’t a specific town just one that is quite small.  I knew I wanted to make the postcard quite simple.  I feel like the a small town would obviously have a less elaborate and decorated postcard that somewhere like Chicago would.

I started off by googling small town Mississippi.  I ended up finding a lot of pictures of small town roads and I even came across a sign that said Small Town Mississippi.  I guess that town is quite proud of their small size.  I ended up going with these to pictures to start:


small town mississippi

As I played around in gimp I realized that I wanted it to say welcome to in some way as well.  I started off trying to find a font that would work but I wasn’t finding anything that I liked.  I ended up deciding to go with the welcome to part off of this sign:


Here is my final result.  I feel like I captures the feeling of a small town pretty well.  What do you think?

Small Town Mississippi

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