Vacation of a Lifetime

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For this assignment our professor decided that he was tried and needed a vacation to celebrate the end of the semester (how is it already the end of the semester?).  For this assignment we had to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker.  This is a web based video editor that allows you to remix audio, video, and web sources.  If you follow anyone from ds106 on twitter or happen to look at the hash tag this week, you would see a lot of frustrated students when it came to this website.  I was anything but excited to tackle this assignment since I had heard so much backlash about it.

As I started working with Popcorn, I realized that it wasn’t quite as bad as everyone was making it out to be.  The program was a bit annoying and hard to get used to but once I figured it out I didn’t have too much issue.  I did have problems with the video part getting messed up and I had to play around quite a bit with getting those fixed so they would only play the parts that I wanted it to.

But here is my final video.  Hope you like my vacation destination:


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