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A couple of weeks ago we all had to submit old, unused media to this website.  At time we didn’t really know why we were doing it, we were just told it was going to come back up later.  Well it turns out that later is now and that we now have to take at least five different pieces of media and put them together to create a story.  All of the media that we had submitted previously could now be found here.

I was at first quite nervous about what I was going to do with this assignment.  It seemed like it was going to be kind of hard to put together five random pieces of media and make them coherent.  Luckily, as I began flipping though all the different media I found a common thread that I really liked.  Turn out I’m not the only person in this class to likes Disney!! I ended up finding 5 Disney related media pieces and knew I had to go for it.

So my story is a trip to Disney World.  In the background you hear a song from Hercules and in the pictures you see different sights and characters that you’d come across in the park.  The final picture is a greeting card that you could get on your way out to remember your trip forever.

Here is my next remix assignment.  Hope you enjoy it:




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