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Part of our final wrap up for ds106 is doing two tutorials for ds106 assignments.  Here are my two that I did:

1. A Place I’ve Never Been.  This is a design assignment worth two stars.

I did this assignment a while ago (back in design week) and absolutely loved it.  Since it was early on in the semester I made a point of getting ahead of my end of the semester work and did a tutorial then (too bad I didn’t say so on top of things all semester).  In my tutorial I walked though everything that I had done to make my assignment.  I talked about coming up with my idea, the assignment itself, what program I used, and how I did each step.  I also made sure to include a picture to go along with each of the steps that I was doing.    I was quite pleased with how this assignment and this tutorial turned out.

You can see my tutorial here.

2. Actor Transformation.  This is a remix assignment worth four stars.

I did this assignment much later in the semester than the previous one.  Because of that I found my tutorial to be a bit more helpful than the first one.  I realized (after looking at other peoples tutorials) that the more pictures the better.  For this tutorial I made sure to add in as many pictures as possible.  I took a ton of screen shots of my computer so that the reader could see exactly what I did at each step.

You can see my tutorial here.

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