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Song Visualization

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For my next video assignment I did song visualization which is worth two stars. This assignment was to “pick a song (or a minute from a song) and create a video that displays pictures that tell a story with the lyrics.”

For my song I picked Red by Taylor Swift.

I chose this song because I love Taylor obviously and because there are a lot of great visualization in this song.  She is very literal with her explanations through out the song which I knew would be great for making a visualization video.

To start this assignment I first picked with part of the song I wanted to do.  I decided to just simply start with the beginning and go for about a minute. This put me with the first verse and the chorus.   I then started google image searching to find pictures that would work out well for each part of the song. Some of the pictures were super easy to find like the colors but some where a bit harder.  I had to be creative to find a picture to represent things like feelings and emotions.  In the end I pretty happy with what I found (even if some are a bit obscure).

After finding all my pictures I then upload them into iMovie in the order of the song.  I then put in the song and started cutting the pictures so that they would match the lyrics at the right time.  For this assignment I didn’t have too much trouble with the cutting and editing because I have done it quite a few times now.

Here is my final song visualization for Red by Taylor Swift:

Thirteen stars down and three to go!

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