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Final Project Idea!

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First off I cannot believe that we already at the point of the semester to be talking about final assignments.  Where did this semester go (and where did my four years of college go).  While it’s hard to believe it’s time to start planning for finals, we are at that point like it or not.  One of our assignments this week was to start planning for our final.  Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Step One

The first step was to pick a character.  Not so surprisingly I have decided to make Taylor Swift my character.  If you’ve read my blog at all you can tell that I am kinda quite a fan of hers.  For my story I think I have decided I want to do a month in the life of Taylor Swift.  Currently Taylor is touring her latest CD so I figured it could be fun for me to do different assignments based on where she is and what she might be doing at that time. I plan of “following” her around and producing things from each of the big cities that she attends in the month (I am going to make up  my own tour schedule for her to make the places she visits a bit more exciting). This story will overall be a type of memory book of what she is done in the last month.

Step Two

Next we had to come up with some ideas of assignments that we would like to do for our character.  We needed to come up with four assignments that used at least three different types of media that we have done at this point in the semester.

It took me a while to decided exactly which ones I was the most interested in doing but here is what I came up with:

  • A Place I’ve Never Been (design)- this was by far my favorite assignment that I did all semester.  I would like to do it again for this project by having it it show one of the places that Taylor was over her month.  I haven’t decided which city I would like to do yet but I was thinking a bit one (maybe New York?).
  • Google Map Trip (web assignments)- in this assignment you essentially map out a trip on google maps.  This would be perfect for my story because I would be able to map out where I would have Taylor go during this month and show it with a visual representation
  • Greetings from ds106 (design)- this assignment also seemed perfect for my project.  Since she will be traveling all over she will of course come in contact with multiple greeting cards.  I figured I could make a greeting card for one of her stops on her tour and to help it fit into the story I could maybe even decided who she would sent it to.
  • GIF Animate Your Day (visual)- I really liked the idea of this because I thought I could gif parts of her concerts as her day.  There are many youtube videos of her tour and I figured I could pick a couple different ones and make animated gifs of them.
  • Not Quite Norma Jeane (visual)- This was an assignment that I really wanted to do when we were in visual week but I didn’t feel like I had enough pictures.  Thanks to photo shoots and paparazzi I am more than certain that I can find the nine different pictures of Taylor for this assignment.  I am hoping to find pictures of her in a certain city (maybe Nashville because she is there often) and be able to tie another city in this way with the backdrop.

Step Three

Step three was to write this blog post.  Here is is and I hope my idea gets approved!!

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