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Genre, genre, what’s YOUR genre?

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There was genres for everything or at least all the good things in life: books, movies, music, so on and so forth! They exist all around. One of the most popular places? Our very own Youtube! This week had an assignment in which we had to review some other Youtube genre’s created by fellow DS106ers, and either add to the list by creating our own or add to someone else’s. However, before you immediately going into stereotypical genre’s (comedy, romance, thriller!) please remind yourself that DS106 students are quite known for thinking outside the box, so it should be no surprise that this list is no exception. Among this list of genre’s includes Kids With Accents, Unintentional Hilarity, and Inappropriate for Church but Only Church and as of now, Sh*t that makes you AW which includes the following videos:

Those are two of my favorite videos and honestly fit my new genre perfectly because if you didn’t immediately ‘AW’ at those two videos, I’d have to question whether or not you have a heart? But in all honesty, the two videos are meant to be cute, and adorable videos that made you smile, which fit into the genre perfectly.



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