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Prolouge Week10

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I’m excited to use video editing tools next week.  I have audacity to record my voice and other sounds.  I have used this for previous assignments and have found it fairly easy to use.  I know there is more to it than I can even imagine.  I would like to learn more about the tool and its capabilities.  This is also true of Mpegstream clip.  I used it for previous assignments.  I find it a little more difficult to use on my own, but if I follow tutorials it is not bad at all.

I learned a lot from the Ebert clip, like how different angles and sides of the shot can convey different messages.  Also what enhances a story light and what certain camera tilts mean.    Watching a scene helped me to fully understand these points as well as notice that I can pick up on different parts when isolating one of my senses.  I talked more about the speifics of the I am Legend clip in my post.  To further this I looked at other clips and referenced 2 different websites (1 and 2).  I put two clips together using Mpegstream clips.  This was easy to do because of the toturial provided to us.

Youtube is more than just videos.  There are genres I did not even think of and now I am.  I added to an existing list as well as created a new one.  Each genre has its own meaning and audience. I talk about it more here.  I am very interested in youtube and finding out more about it.  It is a growing website.  People even create video as their legitimate job.

I am looking forward to continuing with the video theme for next week.  I chose to do a PLAY BY PLAY because I an interested in adding my own recording take to an important sporting clip.  I though it could be both funny and teach me something I do not know how to do.  I am also doing the Silent Movie one where I am taking Jurassic Park’s trailer and turning it into a silent movie type genre with visuals, audio, and text.  Read on and see what I’ve come up with here. 

My daily creates did not have a while lot to do with this weeks assignment.  One of them was a video and i tried to include some of what i learned,but I think another video assignment/daily create will allow me to do this again and better.

Here is my nonvideo one:

and this is the video:

This week made me think more about the media I am presented with every day and what it takes to make them.  I am anticipating next week to the fullest.

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