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  1. Casey

    Trying to go Toward the Light

    Hello, My name is Rapunzel!  all of my life I have lived in a tower with  my mother.  I have a window to look outside, but I have never actually been outside these stone walls.  Luckily I was able to make friends with a chameleon who I named Pascal.  I …
  2. Casey

    What was Rapunzel Thinking

    After I finished my project and all my blog post about them I looked back I what I created. I am pretty proud of the pinterest account I made for Rapunzel’s adventure.  I put a lot of thought and effort into what I wanted to include on her web list. …
  3. Casey

    Audio Journal

    These were the most time consuming part of my final project.  I made audio journals of Rapunzel’s plan and how things worked out.  I recorded my voice as Rapunzel in audacity and then got audio clips off from the movie Tangled itself.  At specific points I mashed the two …
  4. Casey

    All the Hooting and Hollering Summary week 9

    The radio show I reviewed was fairly well done.  I thought about different elements as I listened to what they came up with. I noticed that the sound quality was a little off at times because of background noise.  A few times the background was distracting and took away form …
  5. Casey

    Map it Out

    This was an assignment I chose on my own.  It is not one from the ds106 assignment bank.  For the visual/design I chose to make a map for Rapunzel to have and follow on her journey to the floating lights.  There is the starting point, rest area, and lights. To …
  6. Casey

    New to DS106? Check This Out!

    Now that DS106 is coming to an end there are a few things future DS106ers should know.  This is not an easy A class!  Do not wait until the last minute to do your assignments. Here are my thoughts: You should totally take this class!  You wont regret it!
  7. Casey

    New Work, Like a Hard Cover – Summary Week 13 &14

    This is the last week of DS106 before our final project is due.  Crazy how fast all of this flew by. Whats a remix?  Check it out here! Time for vacation at the Hockey Hall of Fame! It was interesting to go through other people’s recycled pieces and making …
  8. Casey

    Chapters All Together

    These past two weeks have focused on Remixes and Mashups.  I did not know exactly what these were at first, but some reading and examples helped me out: Everything is a Remix is a four part series by Kirby Ferguson and also RiP: A Remix Manifesto a documentary by Brett Gaylor on remix …
  9. Casey

    Second Edition (Remix)

    After going to the Remix Generator and refreshing a few times I settled on a project.  The original project The Freudian Alphabet.  The Remix was to add in Waldo! I chose a letter that was not part of my name and was not overly or underly used…  If that makes sense. …
  10. Casey

    First Draft

    I am planning to center my final project around Rapunzel (specifically the one from the Disney movie Tangled) The story I am going to tell is Rapunzel’s plan to leave the tower in hows of seeing the “lights that fill the night sky” on her birthday each year.  This will …
  11. Casey

    How to…The Book

    How to Tutorial, 3 Stars This was not the video I had intended to do.  I tried to do one where I showed you around one of my favorite places, but clearly it was not movie makers favorite place.  When ever I tried to edit it the program would …
  12. Casey

    Cooking with Casey

    Cooking Show 3 Stars! This assignment should have been more than 3 stars.  This is the one that took the most filming, editing, and time.  I added both an opening as well as credits.  I filmed with my webcam and my camera phone.  There was a lot of uploaded …
  13. Casey

    Chaplin! Chaplin! Chaplin!

    by This video was based off an assignment we did a few weeks before these past 2 weeks. I put my own music to the silent film that Charlie Chaplin did.  Using foley from my classmates and movie maker I was able to piece it all together.  The spin I …
  14. Casey

    Fun Facts – The Ultimate Book of Useless Information

    This is my Story 2 Stars! This was my favorite assignment to do these past two weeks. It took me a while to come up with what I wanted to write on the index cards.  I was thinking a lot and bouncing ideas around.  Then I remembered all the …
  15. Casey


    A word, A Picture, A Story 3 stars! Before creating the story for this video I chose 5 random words. Monkey Dance Tree Coconut Beach Ball Google gave me a lot of options of pictures for each word.  I chose which ones I liked and then put them all …
  16. Casey

    Jurassic Park -Michael Crichton

    Return to the Silent Era 5 stars! This is a video I did prep work on in a previous week.  I chose the clip and stated so things I planned to do in order to make it in the silent genre and time. To do this I removed the …
  17. Casey

    All You Need is Love – The Beatles

    This is Narrative Ambiance, 4 stars! For this assignment I chose to read one of my favorite poems by Shel Silverstein.  It is called Love.  I was excited to make it my own. One of the things I have always loved to do is swing on the swing set …
  18. Casey

    Prolouge Week10

    I’m excited to use video editing tools next week.  I have audacity to record my voice and other sounds.  I have used this for previous assignments and have found it fairly easy to use.  I know there is more to it than I can even imagine.  I would like to …
  19. Casey

    The Prequel

    There is a lot of set up work involved with creating a good video.  Much has to be edited, added, and put together.  Before you can even think about doing that you need the pieces to make the whole. Play by Play: I chose to use a clip from a …
  20. Casey

    Book Genres and Movie Genres and All the Genres

    There are many different genres.  For movies these tend to range from the well know, action, comedy to thriller and drama.  Books have fiction, nonfiction, teen, biography and more.  Youtube also has genres.  I did not think about this until I read through the examples on this page.  I love …

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