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First Draft

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I am planning to center my final project around Rapunzel (specifically the one from the Disney movie Tangled)

rapunzelThe story I am going to tell is Rapunzel’s plan to leave the tower in hows of seeing the “lights that fill the night sky” on her birthday each year.  This will be her plan before she meets Flynn Rider and concocts her new plan.  She plans it out and tries it, but gets caught.

Here are some possible things I could do

Audio – Rapunzel documents some of the days in her life and the plan she is forming as well as what her life is like in the tower and what she is expecting her adventure to be like

Video/remix – Her mother catching her in the act of escape

Visual/Design – Map of where she is going to see the floating lights

Web – A pinterest of the things she will need and/or a website explaining things she needs or/and chats with other people to get ideas

I chose Rapunzel because I think her character as a lot of different angles to take and characteristics to mold.  There is potential for a great story because of her situation and the naive nature she has.






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