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Life Hacks as a YouTube Genera

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After examining movie generas this week, we were asked to look at this list of YouTube Generas and either add an example to a previously listed one or to add one of our own.

I am not a huge fan of YouTube but when I watch videos on the site, they tend to be clips from Anderson Cooper’s talk show, music videos created by drag queens, or LifeHacks. Since the first two categories are rather specific, I chose to add Life Hacks as a category to the document.

Life Hacks are essentially tips and tricks that can make everyday life tasks easier. Popularized in part by LifeHacker, they range from silly things such as using frozen grapes to keep a glass of wine cold, to more complex things, like using an old hard drive to spin Cotton Candy.

I chose three videos to exemplify the genera, 6 Ways To Open A Beer Bottle Without An OpenerLife Hacks: Lego Key Rack, and Separating Bacon The Right Way, all of which are simple things that one can do to help improve their life and save time.


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