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Stuck in a lion’s cage

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Almost a month ago we had an assignment to make some Foley sounds for a section of the Charlie Chaplin video “A Lion’s Cage“. I was responsible for the section between 2:31-2:55. I made my sounds and (at the time) they matched up with the video just about right.

Fast forwards this this week and we had to put all the sounds together with the video. The first step to this assignment was to download it from youtube and convert it to an MP4, I used my favorite KeepVid program to make this happen. I then put it into iMovie and removed the audio from it. I went to each of the sections 1,2,3,4,5,6. Initially when i went to Section 6 (which was my timeframe) nothing was there, which was very confusing. Long story short, I somehow saved my foley into section 2. I felt terrible, because I know people made their videos without section 6. But as I’ll explain later, it might have been for the best.

I picked which sounds I wanted to download.

  • Section 1: Karissa
  • Section 2: Brooke
  • Section 3: Dylan
  • Section 4: Kristen
  • Section 5: Cole
  • Section 6: Me Ended up using music

After downloading them i started to put them into iMovie. They all matched up so perfectly (great job everyone). Then I got to my section… OH THE IRONY. I couldn’t get my part to match up at all. I have no idea why, because like I said, it matched up when I made it a couple weeks ago. It was extremely frustrating, we are talking I was ready to punch a wall and cry at the same time (promise I’m not a violent person!). So I just decided to add music to the scene, the original music that was played during 2:31-2:55 and it worked great. At this point i just had to add a title and credits. Here’s my work in iMovie:

CC in iMovie Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 4.14.13 PM


And here is the movie, itself:

So here’s the story:

It was a hot summer day and the circus finally had a day off. Mufasa (the lion) has happily basking in the summer heat and planned to snooze all day long. He fell into a deep sleep and began to dream… He heard footsteps and door slams and then he saw a man with a mustache and crazy hair just standing there with a bewildered look on his face. Mufasa heard a dog bark, a women’s voice saying “are you okay?” It sounded like they were whispering and then he heard water splashing. At this sound, Mufasa woke up and realized that this wasn’t a dream, but there really was a man in his cage. But he was still sleepy, so he stumbled over and sniffed the man. Yuck! He smelled like elephant poop. Mufasa couldn’t be near him a second more and decided he really just wanted to sleep, so he laid down and rolled around until he got comfortable; he then drifted off into dream land again, or so he thought. He heard the woman and man speak again, he heard the door open a bit and the open say “what are you doing? That’s a real lion, you need to get out of there.” At this point Mufasa heard footsteps coming toward him. He looked up and starred at he elephant poop smelling guy in front of him. Mufasa was just trying to get some sleep on his one day off and he was not getting that. Mufasa was mad. So he did what lions do best. He left out a big ROARRRRRRRR! That sent the elephant poop guy flying out of the cage and the women shut the door immediately after. Finally, Mufasa was able to sleep in peace.

The End!

I hope you enjoyed my take on Charlie Chaplin’s The Lion’s Cage!

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