1. Kaitlyn

    The Final Post


    WE DID IT!! I can’t believe this is my final DS106 post! It’s been such a fun ride! I can’t believe its over! Though, as we all know we are ds106ers #4life!!

    So what does Digital Storytelling mean?

    Well In week 3 I said “I immediately think of Animea or …

  2. Kaitlyn

    Advise for future DS106ers


    I can’t believe I’m at the point in DS106 where I am giving advise for all future ds106ers! I remember back to my first week in the course and watching/reading advise from DS106 alums! So crazy!!

    This semester has flown, I’ve learned so much from this class and feel that …

  3. Kaitlyn

    A reflection from Kate


    Originally I was going to create a video of different people guessing what Kate’s baby as going to be and a possible name. But then I ran out of time

    So I replaced it with another video assignment, “This is my story” (2 stars). I was trying to …

  4. Kaitlyn

    The Royal Baby Stroller


    There’s no doubt that the Royal family needs to start prepping for their newest mini-Royal due in July. One necessary purchase will be a stroller. While the Royals are wealth beyond compare, it is no shock that they are also very practical people. Kate, herself, wears her outfits more than …

  5. Kaitlyn

    Understanding Remix


    Well I’ve posted all the Remix assignments for the week, but I failed to actually describe what remix is.

    This week we were asked to review some videos on remix and see some examples of it before starting our own work to get a better understanding of what remix means. …

  6. Kaitlyn

    Remix Summary


    Whew! This past couple weeks have been kinda crazy.
    I have to saw that Remix was definitely not one of my favorite weeks. But thankfully I survived… now on to the final project.

    But before I get going with that, let me recap my work for Remix week. I’ve been …

  7. Kaitlyn

    Here’s how it’s done


    This semester we had two create two tutorials of DS106 assignments.

    My first tutorial was of the Valentine’s day card we had to make during Visual/Photography week in February. You can read all the details and see the tutorial here.

    The tutorial will teach you how to make this:…

  8. Kaitlyn

    My masterpieces


    In addition to two tutorials, we had to create two brand new assignments to share with DS106.

    The first assignment I created is called “Dear sixteen year old, me“! I feel very official having a DS106 assignment out there with my name on it! Basically all you do …

  9. Kaitlyn

    Everyday Green


    To complete my 6 stars of mashup assignments this week, I decided to do the 2 star assignment “What Color is your world?

    In this assignment you had to take pictures of one specific color throughout your day. In addition, you needed to find a song with the …

  10. Kaitlyn

    What’s Missing?


    One of the required assignments of remix week was to remix an existing DS106 assignment. To do this, you had to use the Remix Generator. The Generator picks and assignment and a “Remix Card,” but the assignment isn’t fully remixed until you press the BIG Remix it button. The …

  11. Kaitlyn

    Reuse and Recycle


    A couple weeks ago we were required to submit a few pieces of media that we had no used for a specific ds106 assignment. However, since this week is Remix week we were told to take these old media pieces and create a story out of them.

    All the unused …

  12. Kaitlyn

    Weeks 11&12 summary


    Wow only a few weeks left in the semester! Spring semester always flies by, if you ask me.

    For the past two weeks we’ve been working on video. Well in all honesty, I started last Friday, so I’ve a week. We had to do quite a few projects. So I’ll …

  13. Kaitlyn

    I am Me


    For my last video assignment, I completed “I am Me” This 4 star assignment is just a video that represents you. There was only one example listed and it was a girl making some silly faces, so I thought this would definitely be fun to do, thought I …

  14. Kaitlyn

    May the odds be ever in your favor


    So far I’ve completed 7 stars of Video Assignments. My next assignment is a BIG one, with 5 stars. I was a little nervous taking on a 5 star assignment, and while it was time consuming it wasn’t to terribly challenging.

    My 5 star assignment was a “Return to

  15. Kaitlyn

    Young, Wild and Free


    I think we’ve all heard of YOLO before, right? If not, it means Live Your Own Life. It’s also the name of the next video assignment I made.

    Y.O.L.O Is the Motto is a 2 star assignment where you take videos, pictures, music and put it all together to show …

  16. Kaitlyn

    Video Week Review


    What a week! Reading that this week was what most DS106ers consider the most challenging week on DS106, made me a bit nervous. I did have a few moments of drama with deciding what to do and how to do it. But in the end, I felt like a survived, …

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