Mozilla Popcorn = Death

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The title of this post really just scratches the surface of my feelings and emotions to the program, Mozilla Popcorn. We were given an assignment to Help Alan go on a Vacation. He created the video and left spaces between the clips for us to insert media.

(I plan on sharing all my issues with the program in this next paragraph, so feel free to skip over it, if you choose.) It too me many, MANY tries over a period of 4 nights to get this thing to work. I started off using Safari, it continually froze, played when I hit pause, wouldn’t play anything, etc. Issue, after issue, after issue. And it lead me to send this text to fellow DS106er, Brittany. And no I am NOT being dramatic! haha

text convo


Then, yesterday, Brittany suggest I download Firefox because she used that and it give her minimal issues. So I did and while I still had issues and it took me almost three hours, I FINALLY finished it. I can saw without a doubt that I’ve never been more annoyed and frustrated with anything in my life. I know the video is still not perfect, because I just couldn’t get it to be with the issues I still dealt with. But hopeful it’s okay enough.


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