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Whew! This past couple weeks have been kinda crazy.
I have to saw that Remix was definitely not one of my favorite weeks. But thankfully I survived… now on to the final project.

But before I get going with that, let me recap my work for Remix week. I’ve been busy.

  • Understanding Remix- I reviewed videos and examples of Remix and described what it means to me. Read all about it here.
  • Alan’s Vacation- Well after doing this assignment in Mozilla Popcorn, I need a vacation. I had more issues with this program then I’d like to talk about. But you can read about them and see where I sent Alan in this post.
  • Recycled Media- For this project, we had to take unused pieces of media from the class and make a story about of it. I talked about a girl getting ready for class. See the video here.
  • “Post Photographic Portrait”– Another terribly hard assignment. I actually remixed another DS106er’s remixed photo. Check it out.
  • Remix Generator- This was a fun assignment. We had to remix a current assignment and use someone else’s work as a starting point. Read more about that process and see what I did, here.
  • Six Stars of Mashup– I completed two assignments to fulfill my ¬†six stars. Here and Here.
  • Final Project- I submitted this last week. But feel free to read about it.

Remix/Mashup is fun, but can be VERY VERY Hard (read: Mozilla Popcorn and the photo challenge). It’s interesting to see how much is remixed every day and throughout our lives. I didn’t really see it until I watched the Kirby Ferguson videos, but remixes happen all the time. I think Remixes are a great way to open the original creator’s mind and everyone else’s to something that one did not think up before, similar to the purpose of the Cory Doctorow project. At the same time, people do have issues with other’s taking their media and changing it, regardless if the change is for the better. This is why there are copy right laws. I can see both sides of the spectrum and understand the purpose of both remixing and copy right laws. Regardless of the difficulty and challenges of Remix/Mashup week, I do feel that I learned new applications and ways of thinking outside of the box.

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