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Dakota Fanning through the years

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This week we had to complete 6 stars worth of Mashup Assignments.

The first assignment I chose was “Growing up with Drew Barrymore.” It is a 4-star assignment and the purpose was to find a real actor/actress that has been in many movies over the course of their life time and to “mash” them together and show growth in the actor/actress over time and different movies. We had two use a minimum of 4 different clips and the video had to be at least 2 minutes long

For my movie, I chose Dakota Fanning. I looked at both IMBd and Wikipedia to find out what movies she had been in. Of course, I’d seen her in a couple movies and new who she was, but I didn’t know all that she was involved with. I found that here roles were very diverse and across the board. I’m not sure if they really show the “growth” that the assignment asks for. But I do think that it shows how talented Dakota is and how she is able to really express herself and fully commit to the character she is portraying.

Dakota has had a very successful career for such a young actress, she was on many TV shows, prior to the start of her movie career at 7 years old. She has also been nominated for any awards.

Here are the movies I chose to play in the mashup:

To make the mashup I downloaded all the clips from youtube using KeepVid and used MPEG StreamClip to cut a couple down. I then uploaded everything into iMovie, added a title and credit slide and added titles to each movie clip. I did some minor adjusting and added a transition slide at the end. I know the first clip from I Am Sam is a bit long. But this was Dakota’s very first movie and perhaps her best. Dakota is very skilled, as you will see in the mashup video. She goes from the daughter of a man who is mentally ill, to an upper east side “snob” to a southern preteen in the 1960s, to a vampire, and then a terminally ill patient. Clearly this girl nows how to be an actress.

Here are a few screenshots of my work in iMovie

ScreenShots for  DF movie mashup Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 9.40.38 AM

I hope you like the film!


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