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Weeks 11&12 summary

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Wow only a few weeks left in the semester! Spring semester always flies by, if you ask me.

For the past two weeks we’ve been working on video. Well in all honesty, I started last Friday, so I’ve a week. We had to do quite a few projects. So I’ll share those with you first and then give you some reflections on video week(s).

  • Charlie Chaplin Foley– We had to reassemble the foley sounds we did about a month ago into the video. Everyone had great sounds that matched up perfectly. Ironically, min did not. But I share all the details in this post about the assignment. 
  • I am Me– This 4 star video assignment lead me to sharing pictures, music and a fun fact about myself. Want to learn more about me? Click here to see the post and watch the video.
  • Return to the Silent Era– This was a challenge with 5 stars, and while I am sure if could have been a lot better, for what I new how to do, I am happy with it. I chose The Hunger Games and added some music that I really thought worked with the trailer. Check it out here.
  • YOLO is the Motto– This fun two star assignment was about pictures,video, anything associated with YOLO. I found a lot of pictures that made fun of the term YOLO and others that fit perfectly with the idea. This was a fun assignment to make. Here are all the details.
  • A word..A picture..A story..- Here’s a 3 star assignment. My words all revolved around the beach, so I created a story about a little girl’s day at the beach. I LOVE the beach and everything I put into this video are things I did when I was a little girl. See the video here.
  • Where are they now?- To round out my 16 stars of video, I did this 2 star assignment. I picked the characters of Dirty Dancing and give them a fictitious future. It was fun to make this video and you can watch it here.

I’m not going to lie, video week was exhausting. Everything just took so long to put together and then you have wait for things to finalize and upload to youtube. But, at the same time it was fun and I feel like I know so much more about iMovie then I ever knew in the past. So yay, I learned!! I now know how to include music, edit clips, add titles and credit screens, cut out original music with the videos, trim clips, etc. I feel like a gained a lot of knowledge about iMovie this week.

I also learned that music is really important to tie a video together. In my “I am Me” video I used 22 by Taylor Swift, because I’m 22 years old. In my video about the little girl’s day at the beach, I used “Carolina girl” because I was specifically referring to the Outer Banks Beaches in North Carolina. Use of other audio sounds, as in my Hunger Games movie adds to the drama or intensity of a seen. All of this is important in rounding out a story and making it interesting to the viewer.

I am really glad I got to learn all that I did this week, because I think it’s going to be very handy in the upcoming weeks as we round out the semester.

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