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Everyday Green

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To complete my 6 stars of mashup assignments this week, I decided to do the 2 star assignment “What Color is your world?

In this assignment you had to take pictures of one specific color throughout your day. In addition, you needed to find a song with the word of the color you picked in it. There was already an example of blue and pink. Since those were my go to colors in everyday life, I decided I needed to go with something different. So I chose  the color green.

I snapped all the pictures using my iPhone and uploaded them into I movie. I then went to google and searched for a song with the world “Green” in it. There are actually a lot of songs, but I really couldn’t find a song that I loved. Then I found “Green Light” by John Legend. I really like the beat and his voice so I just went with it. The pictures you will see in this quick movie are:

  • Green Lanterns- I see these when I wake up in the morning
  • Green pen, bedspread, and wrapper- From work and breakfast this morning
  • Green Tree and Grass- Yay for spring time!
  • Green Bow- On my gear shifter thing in the car
  • Green Smoothie-I had a meeting off campus so I decided on a smoothie for lunch!
  • Green Wegman bag- After my meeting I had to do a little grocery shopping and picked up dinner.
  • Green beans- Yummy Dinner
  • Green Tea- Delicious end to the night

Here’s my work in iMovie:

Everyday Green ScreenShot


And here is my short movie, enjoy!

6/6 stars

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