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The Amber E. May Variety Picture Show! (Weeks 11 & 12 Making Movies)

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It’s MOVIE TIME! These last 2 weeks have been very busy, but in the end all 7 of the videos I made gave me something to show for the hard work! Everyone line up at the box office, grab your tickets, grab your concessions, and find a seat in the theater, because without further adieu, I present the Amber E. May Variety Picture Show!

“Charlie’s Great Escape” (Foley Assignment)

I brought the original FOLEY ASSIGNMENT back to life by not only adding sound effects, but also background music and credits! I had it tell an entirely new message by including these new features. Instead of a theme of fear, the scene now comes off as comedic; like sort of a Bugs Bunny episode. Because this was originally a silent film, there could be a multitude of possibilities if one were to re-create the scene with sounds and music.  Check out the post for “Charlie’s Great Escape” HERE!


“La La La” Animated Dance Party (A.M.V. ****)

And now the first video assignment I successfully created, the “La La La” Animated Dance Party! Out of all my videos, I think this one took the most work. Finding all the anime clips that could sync with the lyrics of the song was tedious. There’s hundreds of animes out there, but I had to figure out which select few could work in the video. Sure enough I found them, and it was one big party! Check out the post for “La La La” Animated Dance Party HERE!

Winnie the Pooh Sings “Mad World” (Music Video

And now the 2nd video of the Video Assignment trilogy. This one was one of my favorites because it completely destroyed everyone’s childhood image of the loveable Winnie the Pooh. It features the bear extremely depressed about losing his best friend Christopher Robin (Christopher isn’t dead, he’s litterally lost somewhere!) He has completely given up hope and now views life in a negative manner. Check out the dramatic adventures of “Pooh’s Mad World” HERE!

Epic Instrument Woman! (Viral Video Reenactment ***)

It is now time for the EPIC part of the Variety Picture Show. Think your eyes can handle the epicness of this magnitude? Introducing the one woman show, Epic Instrument Woman! With the power of her saxophone, clarinet, and flute skills, this brave woman eagerly brings good music and joy to a lifeless world! If you feel your eyes are worthy, check out the post for Epic Instrument Woman HERE! This woman is on FIRE!

Reverse Rip (Play it Backwards Jack! *)

And now it’s intermission time for the picture show. As you’re stretching your legs and talking about how amazing the show is to your neighbor, this video is rolling on the screen. It’s a video of me ripping a piece of paper…but in reverse! Wooooo special effects! I ended up making this in 10min because I was bored. Dont let the shortness fool you! This actually represents the deep manefestations that currently exist in our world and the fact that we must mend them! …okay so maybe I made that up… Check out the intermission “Reverse Rip” video HERE!

Caesar the Tough Puppy! (What Do Pets Think About **)

And now for the Sci-fi portion of the Picture Show! Ever think about what our loving pets think about? Well I have developed a high tech camera that can pick up the thoughts of any animal and convert them to English! Wooooo Science! The test subject of the video is my dog Caesar when he was just an energetic troublesome puppy. Now I know I must be cautious around him because he’s ALWAYS plotting to take over the world one dog house at a time! Check out the thoughts of “Caesar the Tough Puppy” HERE!


Caesar is Rude! (5 Second Film **)

And now as the final act of the Amber E. May Variety Picture Show, we bring back the roughest toughest dog in Virginia, Caesar! As you can see in the video, he’s past his puppy stage and is now in his emo teen years where he feels the need to ignore anyone who doesn’t understand him. This sort of gives the Picture Show a tear-jerking conclusion where the audience feels for the parents of this socially anxious pup. Check out the rude canine’s quest to find out who he is HERE!

And so concludes exciting tale of Amber E. May’s Variety Picture Show! The audience are now on their feet clapping and cheering for the greatness they just saw. A lot of work was put into this magnificent show, from voice acting to the video and audio editing behind the scenes. There were some struggles with deciding what video projects could possibly be done within a reasonable amount of time. At first I had planned to do the “Lip-sync Your Favorite Song” assignment but this week hit me with so many other projects for different classes that I would’ve never got around to it in time.

It felt nice being able to dust off my video editing after years of not really doing anything with it. As I said before, I used to make videos like these all the time in grade school. As I was making the Animated Dance Party video, I felt a hit of nostalgia because it reminded me of middle school where me and my friends were obsessed with Anime and AMV’s (anime music videos) on Youtube. Come to think of it, back then Youtube didnt have a high standard for video editing as it does now. Right now audiences expect flashy effects, expensive cameras, and movie worthy plot lines in all the videos they watch. Whereas in 2005 you could’ve uploaded a slideshow with music in the background and it would’ve been an instant hit. I sort of miss those days, but this only shows that more and more people have taken an interest in video editing than there were 8yrs ago.

Anyway, now that the Variety show is over, I have to start thinking about an even bigger show, one that will have audiences cheering on their feet for days! I will start thinking about it next week, but until then, watch your step as you’re walking out of the theater, some kids spilled a huge load of popcorn and gummy fish.


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