1. foxylee13

    End of DS106 Ceremony


    Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual End of Ds106 Ceremony! I’m your host Amber E. May and I am happy to kick off this celebration! There’s a very large crowd of cheering fans and members of Ds106 gathered outside of the celebration hall and they’re ready …

  2. foxylee13

    Living the Dream (Ds106 Final Project)


    In a world where magical ponies roam free over the land and soar through the blue, cloudless skies, one speedy pegasus strives to be better than the rest. This is a story of blood, sweat, tears, ambition, and a mare’s determination to become the next legendary Wonderbolt, a protector and …

  3. foxylee13

    Time to Mix it UP! (Weeks 13 & 14 Remix and Mashup)


    Can’t….feel my fingers anymore…been remixing and mashing SO much these past 2 weeks! On top of studying for final exams and doing final projects for other classes, I think these have been the busiest 2 weeks of the entire semester. But I got through them with all of the assignments …

  4. foxylee13

    Artificial Intelligence


    In an age where artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prominent, we must become weary of those who walk among us. Who is real, and who is a machine? As the decades go by, it will become more difficult to answer this question. Your best friend could be a …

  5. foxylee13

    Living the Dream (Final Project Idea)


    After 3 days of thinking this week, I’ve finally discovered what I wanted to do for the final project! Throughout my 13 weeks of being apart of this class, I believe I’ve mentioned something My Little Pony related a good number of times. I’ve decided that this final project will …

  6. foxylee13

    Recycled Media Mashup


    Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

    I’ve taken 5 pieces of unused media from the Ds106 junked media bucket and created this…I don’t know what it is, but it seems like an awesome party to be invited to!! I mean penguin suits?? Sign me up!

    This video was created for the Recycle the

  7. foxylee13

    Alan’s Trip to Mars!


    After a loooong semester, the Cogdog himself decides to take a vacation…to the planet Mars! Watch him prepare for the long journey!

    How he got to Mars with JUST Monopoly money I’ll never know.

    This is the first remix video that I’ve done this week, and so far it’s my …

  8. foxylee13

    5 Second Film: Caesar is Rude (5 Seconds of Fame **)


    Yet another video that shows how Caesar is a jerk sometimes. You try to say something to him and he walks off! How rude!

    Caesar: “What’s up Amber! I gotta ask you something!”
    Me: “Hi puppy!”
    Caesar:”…oh wait…I forgot. Nevermind.”

    This video pretty much sums up my dog’s personality …

  9. foxylee13

    Charlie’s Great Escape!


    Everyone watch in amazement as Charlie Chaplin the Great makes his daring escape from the hungry jaws of a ferocious lion! And to narrate this exhilarating escapade, we have our marvelous orchestra playing “The Barber of Seville” as Charlie’s diligence unfolds! Take your seats and enjoy the show!

    Okay…so maybe …

  10. foxylee13

    Youtube Makes Politics Fun


    The internet has recently encouraged individuals with the same opinions, or no opinions whatsoever, to come together to either make their opinions stronger or, for the ones with no opinion, begin to take a side. Throughout the years, the power of this conformity has flourished, to the point where online …

  11. foxylee13

    Let’s Analyze “Pulp Fiction”!


    I LOVE Tarantino’s movies! He always seems to know what camera effects to use at just the right moments to enhance the scene.  I chose to analyze a famous scene from the movie Pulp Fiction where the two main characters and their hostage are in a car debating. I’m going …

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