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For the last two weeks, we had 16 stars worth of video assignments to complete from the ds106 assignment bank. To do this, I did 5 assignments:

Then & Now (3 stars)

Stripes Everywhere (3 stars)

Catnip…A Crisis (5 stars)

Cheesy Sports Montage (3 stars)

Chores Chores Chores (4.91 stars)

18.91 out of 16 stars.  So I went a little over, but it was worth it.

My favourite assignment was the Public Service Announcement one on the crisis of catnip. I had so much fun filming the different scenes with my roommates cats, and it was great to have my roommates involved.  I learned that the more people involved, the more fun it was.  I also learned that videos are a lot easier to create than I ever thought. Although they can take some time (especially with editing) almost anyone can create a decent video with the right programs.  Video week is definitely giving photography week a run for its money.  I just wish I had more time to do more video assignments.  I had a list of over 20 I wanted to do.  But who knows?  Maybe I’ll just keep doing them for the hell of it!

I also put all the foley sounds together into one video, which can be found under my post, A True Act of Folly. 



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