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A True Act of Folly

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A couple of weeks ago, I made a foley clip for part of Charlie Chaplin‘s silent film, the Lion’s Cage.  Once everyone had made their own clips, we had to assemble them all into one smooth foley story.

I downloaded the original video of The Lion’s Cage from YouTube via Keepvid and uploaded it into Windows Movie Maker.  I muted the music and then downloaded each foley clip I wanted to use.

00:00-00:30 Pixiedustandtrust

00:31-01:00 Hey, Ms. Parker

01:01-01:30 My own clip

01:31-02:00 Bellekid

02:01-02:30 Cole Wyrough

02:31-02:55 Kaitlyn Crotty 

I lined up each clip with the video in Windows Music Maker and then added title slides to introduce my view on the story.  I decided to make it from the dog’s perspective.  The way I see it, the dog was just trying to get someone’s attention to help him and then thought he could pull out his master through the bars.  You see, the man (Peter I name him), got into a fight with his fiancé (the woman later on), and decided he’d rather brave the lion than her wrath.  Luckily, he and his fiancé were able to put aside their disagreements and help each other out.

The song I wanted to play in the background was Naive by The Kooks,  because my story had a couple fighting, just like in the song.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get the music to be added to the movie since the original soundtrack was still there, but just muted.  After fidelling around for an hour, I just gave up and used the song as background music to the intro, and unmuted the original soundtrack to play during the film.

I didn’t add any closing slide, because I wanted the viewer to imagine what happens to the couple from then on, instead of telling them.

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