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Cheesy Sports Montage***

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The video assignment called Sports Mashup, which called to create a video mix of a bunch of great moments in sports history, was a lot of fun and got me pumped up to go out and do something!  This assignment was one that I got prepped for a couple of weeks ago.  I found all the videos on YouTube and chose which parts of those videos I wanted to put in my mix.  The sources for all the videos are found in my original post.

I decided to go a little out there and not do any football moments, because I feel like that sport is the most common one to get pumped about.  Instead, I chose snowboarding, rugby, parkour, soccer, and boxing.  I used keepvid to download each YouTube video and then opened them in MPEG Streamclip.  Once I trimmed down the part of the video I wanted to use, I exported it as an avi file and opened it in Windows Movie Maker.  To get rid of the audio, I muted each clip and added in a song by Deadmau5 called “Ghosts n’ Stuff.”  I used Audacity to trim the audio and create the fade in and out effects, which I uploaded into Windows Movie Maker.  I first heard this song in a documentary called The Art of Flight and knew it would be a good one since it got me pumped up and excited to be watching these amazing snowboarders (by the way, I really recommend watching that documentary!).

As for each clip I chose…I love watching Shaun White snowboard, so it was a no brainer to me to put some of his stuff in.  I also thought it was a good one to put first since the action was immediate and you could see him do several tricks.  If you know anything about soccer, you know Wayne Rooney has a golden foot and has so many amazing videos of his goals already on YouTube.  I had to choose a goal that would keep none-soccer fans interested, so I chose one that was more than just kicking the ball into goal; it has him doing a backflip with it.  As for boxing, I only know a few boxers, but when I watch boxing movies and there’s a knockout, I get super pumped so I put in a clip of Sergio Martinez knocking out Paul Williams with one punch.  As a rugby player, I couldn’t do a sports mashup without a clip of a great try by a world class team.  It shows that you have to not only be fast, but also an accurate kicker and have good predictability of a ball shaped like that bouncing around.  Finally, I saw a video of this guy, Damien Walters, on Facebook a while back, and couldn’t resist putting him in.  His longer videos are really fantastic and I could watch them for hours.  It’s amazing what he can do.

Finally, I uploaded the video onto YouTube et voilà!

14/16 stars

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