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Lyric Video

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For my second video assignment this week I decided to do the lyric video snippet which was worth three stars. This assignment was to “take a short section of one of your favorite songs, and turn the song into a music video using only lyrics. The lyrics video will manipulate the size, color, font, shape, and movement of the lyrics showing on the screen to emphasize a theme, rhythm, pattern, meaning, or musical mechanism of the song.”

Like I promised in my post Movie by Numbers the song 22 by Taylor Swift is back for this assignment too. I love this song and clearly got carried away with using it this week.  To make my lyric pictures for this assignment I simply used PowerPoint.  I had previously downloaded a ton of cool fonts (because when you are in elementary education you always need cool fonts to make worksheets) so I used those for this assignment to really make the words pop out.  I divided up the words into separate sections of how I wanted them to show up and made a separate slide on my PowerPoint for each one. For some of them I had all of the words show up at once:


For some I had certain words become highlighted:



And for others I had words show up one at a time:





I wanted to keep a theme between them all so I kept the background the same and kept the color of the font with in one family of blues and just changed it slightly.  After making the slides I took screenshots of each slide and saved them to my computer as picture files.

I then uploaded the pictures to iMovie in the order of the song (weirdly enough I had 22 pictures for the song 22).  I then uploaded the song 22 into iMovie and cut it so that it wold begin and end where I had started my lyrics.

The hardest part for me came next where I had to cut each of the lyric pictures so that they fit the music perfectly.  It was fairly annoying to get it just right (because I was kind of a perfectionists about it) but when I did I was quite happy with how it turned out.

What do you think?

Six stars down and only ten to go!

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