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ds106 show: Week 13: Remix and Mashups

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We have quite a show lined up for you today! The studios have relocated to Waikiki for a special appearance later today on the TCC World Online Conference. Our show today was live at 4:30pm EST on the regular Google Hangout channel.

This is the start of the last segment of ds106, a two week romp on remix and mashup, where you get to take all of your media skills and toss it in the blender to make something new. Our student co-hosts this week is Brookea and Micaela plus we were joined by Amber and Nancy.

And out special guest is Jonathan Worth, coming to us from the U.K.- Jonathan teaches open courses in photography much like ds106 in many ways. But more than that, Jonathan is a professional photographer who has come to reframe his whole approach to the business of being a photographer given the changing nature of digital media. He is going to share with us details on a rather special remix opportunity (read assignment for my students) that is in the works for weeks 13 and 14 of ds106. Here is a bit of a teaser:

Tune in today for another ds106 show!


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