1. cogdog

    ds106 Show Week 14: Remixing the Remixed

    And here we are, the last episode of the ds106 show’s first (and likely last) season. Since this is the second of the 2 week segment on remix, it was time we remixed ourself up, so this week’s intro is a cut up and shuffle of last...
  2. cogdog

    ds106 show: Week 13: Remix and Mashups

    We have quite a show lined up for you today! The studios have relocated to Waikiki for a special appearance later today on the TCC World Online Conference. Our show today was live at 4:30pm EST on the regular Google Hangout channel. This is the start of the last...
  3. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 12: More Making Movies

    This week on the 106 show we cover the second of the two segment on making video stories. The show was held live in a Google Hangout at 7:00pm EST Our UMW cohost this week was Cole who has already completed a number of the video assignments, and we...
  4. cogdog

    ds106 show: week 11: Making Movies

    This week’s live show was Tuesday, April 2 at 5:00 PM EST, on our regular channel in Google Hangouts. This is the start of another two week creativity segment of ds106- Making Movies! Our UMW student co-host this week is Kristen. Join us for an informal discussion...
  5. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 10: Reading Movies

    The ds106 show is back on schedule! The most recent live show aired Tuesday March 26, at 1:00pm on our regular Google Hangout Channel. For this week’s assignment, we begin our phase of video by looking more closely at the details of movies. We learn to read them for...
  6. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 9: Radio Shows Live and Web Storymaking

    This week’s show took place on the radio waves, the ds106 radio ones, as we held a live broadcast of the UMW student radio shows plus broadcast live conversations with representatives from each group – the links to all segments are available below (until) at least we can figure...
  7. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Weeks 7 & 8: We’re On the Radio!

    For the next few weeks, we return to audio storytelling as ds106ers go deeper into audio editing and creation, and our UMW students develop their radio shows that will be broadcast live on March 18. Thanks to guests Ben Rimes, Brian Short, Todd Conaway, Peter Rowan (briefly), Daniel Zimmerman,...
  8. cogdog

    ds106 Show Week 6: It’s All By Design

    This week of de106 has us looking at elements of design and creating media that put this concepts into creative action. For this week’s show, we have UMW co-hosts Watkins, Jennifer, and Fairuz providde some insight into what is going on in class and...
  9. cogdog

    ds106 Show Week 5: Visual Storytelling

    It’s our week for visual storytelling so definitely we are back to the television studio for a visual show this week. This week’s show was held Monday, February 11, at 4:30pm EST (check for local time). The studio was crowded as we had UMW student cohosts Sarah,...
  10. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 4 It’s Audio

    The ds106 show is jumping waves this week! First, this week’s show is scheduled for Monday, February 4 at 4:30pm, and features our first student co-hosts. Amber and Nancy plus former student Daniel. But we also are jumping media, since this week we are focusing on listening to audio...
  11. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 3 Episode

    Can you believe bootcamp is over? We celebrate this week on the the ds106 show with a show all about exploring storytelling, with a few special guests from the internet. Here is the full, archived show. Wow was it packed! Great discussion, student participation This week we review the...
  12. cogdog

    ds106 Show: Week 1 Episode

    This was the launch of the show, not everything quite worked technology wise (see below), but the participation, discussion, idas from new students was fantastic. I had thought I could push out YouTube videos for everyone to see in Google Hangout, but it seems to require viewers to install the...

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