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Final Project planning

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For my final project I was thinking on doing a remake of a Disney classic movie, I do not think that I should call it a classic movie though because I do not think it would end up like that. For my character I am going to pick Pocahontas because she was nice and kind person with a love for nature like me. I like that she is one with the nature and the littlest things make her happy, for this project though I wanted to make her more of the step sisters from Cinderella. I wanted to make her snobby and stuck up, thinking that she is everything and better than everyone else. First let me say I do not remember everything exactly on how the story Pocahontas went but what I do remember or think I remember anyways. I think that Pocahontas stayed  back while John Smith went to England. But for my story I will make her go to England and become something she never thought she would be. When I was telling my friends my idea she told me that, my idea is what happened in the 2nd movie of Pocahontas but I was like no it is going to be totally different. For my story plot it will be like end of Pocahontas but a little different, instead of the whole fighting scene it they just told the Pale Faces that they do not have any gold and that made them leave them to go back to England. Since John Smith and Pocahontas were in love he asked her to go with him and she said yea just because she wanted to know more about how they live. When she gets there is overwhelmed and treated like a queen, John Smith is an undercover rich man so he showers her with presents and they live in the biggest castle ever imaginable. He showers her with gifts and she turns into the type of person that expects everyone to do things for her. She becomes a snob and selfish person. Eventually after a year or two the couple has a beautiful daughter together but when the child was born Pocahontas knew that she was going to be a problem because all the attention wold be on her daughter and not her. She did not like this so therefore she made it  her duty to go and let her child die alone in the woods. Once John Smith found out that she was trying to kill their daughter he went to go and confront her and see why she would want to do that. Pocahontas told him that leaving her alone she had someone to go and do her dirty deed for her. John Smith could not believe this so her went in search for his daughter but never found her. As a result he kills himself out of depression, Pocahontas does not mind this at first but then she becomes very sad because no one is there to shower her with gifts anymore she realized that she pretty much killed her husband so she kills herself.

I will use the web by going on Pinterest to make a board to show how lavish Pocahontas life style was. I will design a poster to sell their castle after they die. I will also make a GIF on how she turned from Pocahontas to the fancy Pocahontas. I will have sound effects of envy and jealously also I will have background music that just goes with her life.

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