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Final Project Proposal: NPH and the Search for the Color

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For my final project, I’m proposing doing “NPH and the Search for the Rainbow,” which will be an examination of color in a storytelling narrative. I want to use NPH, aka Neil Patrick Harris as his is portrayed through various media including as a character in Neil’s Puppet Dreams, as well as in some film and TV including his role in How I Met Your Mother as well as in his real life.

I plan to start my project working inĀ gray-scaleĀ  and slowly add color, either to the whole work of media or selectively, so Ā that more and more color emerges as the story progresses and the final piece of my story is in full color.

I plan to adapt some media that already exists to do this as well as to create my own.

I’d like to do the following assignments, although notĀ necessarilyĀ in this order.

  • The Return To The Silent Era assignment, making an episode of Neil’s Puppet DreamsĀ into a black and white silent film.*****
  • TheĀ Muppet Gifs assignment, using NPH either during hisĀ appearanceĀ in the Muppet Movie or in Sesame Street. ***
  • The Color Splash assignment, making one item in a photo of NPH colored. ***
  • TheĀ Six Word Memoir, stating “My life was once in Technicolor” ***
  • TheĀ Storytelling Within The WebĀ assignment to remake NPH’s Twitter page with tweets dealing with his lack of color ordeal, ending with his latest tweet which is about color returning *****

This would give me 19Ā starsĀ worth of assignments,Ā encompassingĀ the Video, Animated Gifs, Visual, Design, and Web categories, all of which I love working with.

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