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I Wish I was 5’5? Tall

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I am six feet tall, and don’t get me wrong I love it. However, the princesses at Disney World have a height maximum, and being 6 feet tall means that I am way over the max. The day I found that out my heart shattered. I was so upset. However, that is besides the point. The reason for me divulging my heartbreak to you guys is because of the storytelling within the web assignment that I created for my final project (full story behind it to come soon). The topic of my project revolves around the idea of  how Ariel’s (from The Little Mermaid) story line would change if technology was a factor.

Well Ariel gets herself into a lot of trouble by Ursula, the villain of the movie because Ursula offers to give her legs. Well if Ariel had internet she surely could have just simply sent out a Craig’s List want ad for legs! This way, she never would have given her voice to Ursula and the story could go a whole lot differently. You will find out how exactly soon. (clicking the link will take you the website I designed)

I used the X-ray goggles tool in order to hack into the Craig’s list ad, where I could change the location, and the text of the want ad. I decided to include some lyrics from “Part of your World” to make things more related to the film. I decided to add in the 5’5″ in there as well in order to be as legitimate as possible.

Would you respond to something like this? I hope not!


Thanks for reading,

Princess Karissa

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