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Is it truee *tear* *tear*

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In had to make John Smith die in my story I know it was sad but it had to be done to bcause I needed to put emphasis on the story line. For this I took a still picture of John Smith when he got injured in Pocahontas and I put it in GIMP to take the background out and fill it with blue. I also added some red for blood and I got this

john really dead

It looked really boring so I also made a suicide note but I did not want them on different pictures so I had the smart idea of to make another GIF so I can have the best of both worlds. I used Gimp by adding the pictures in separate layers and then added 15 seconds for the note and 3 seconds for the death scene. I put the note first because I wanted to show why he died and not just him dead and then the note I thought that would have been out of order.

john really dead

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