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The end is here!!

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Back in Week 3 I was talking about what storytelling was to me. I think that I knew some of what storytelling was but not the whole thing, I had a lot of the right ideas in my mind but none of them really were fully there. I think that I now have a more broader understanding of how storytelling is and how it impacts the world. It has done more than people know about andĀ I like that about it.

My final project was amazing if I could say so myself I loved the idea that I hope I cocnveyed through this and I liked the story too. When I was making it I started off with making a Pintreset board and then having it as a board on my page. Then I made Pocahontas a GIF for when she gets mad because I think that when people get mad the normal way to see it without using facial features is the whole face would turn red. After that I made their child using a fancy website tha morphs two faces together to get a child. I was really weired out when the baby turned human and they were cartoons… I am not judging though she came out beautiful. Next I made a video that was John Smith looking for his missing child in the woods. Lastly I made John Smith dieĀ  with a suicide note. I know it would seem like I cut it off at the end but I like it like that I think that it adds something for the mind to think of and how you would think that she die or be with her family. This story means everything to me just because I do personally think that family is more important than anything and anyone I do not think that material items or beatuy should mean more than love. I kinda combine three stories together now that I think about it. I put together Snow White, Hansel and Gretal and Romeo and Julliet at the end. Snow White because the mother was envyous of how beautiful snow white was and wanted to kill her. Hansel and Gretal was the middle part where the mother took the children to the woods to die. Then the ending was Romeo and Julliet because of how when he died she killed herself.

Me in the ds106 communtiy I tried to contribute with twitter but I am normally not on twitter and so sometime I forget that I have it but when I remember I am the twatcher in the group. I do not really have anything to say on there but when I did I said it. If I saw someone that needed help too I was there and I direct messaged them or tweeted at them. I also listened toĀ the ds106 radio not often but I did lateĀ at night when I did not have anything to do.Ā IĀ commented on some blog posts whenĀ I saw some really cool ones or I was just interseted.

I did some tutorials a long time ago without even really knowing that we were supposed toĀ do them I just really loved doing them so I did. I also created some assignments that I thought we interesting and people would do. IĀ made a daily create but I can not find it. I think it was asking for a story or a picture I will try to find it.

MyĀ layout that I haveĀ does not put theĀ categoriesĀ of what I have on there so I will just link them here sorry for theĀ inconvenienceĀ  I did my music tag where I had to put 5 songs together and tell a story form that I loved that one because I love music and I think that they have a lot of story in them just waiting to come out. I also have my 27 enchanted dresses that I did when I mixed the two of the dialogues together. I thought it came out so well like it was just one movie.

In this video I was really trying to tell them my experience and what I think that they needed to hear. I think that they need to know what they are in for, I think that they needed to know that there is a lot of typing involoved because I would have bought some gloves for my hands so they are not sore after I am done haha.

All in all this was a nice class and I learned a lot and really did have fun!

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