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Focus On One Color

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IMAG0841_Hagrid copy

Focus On One Color

Difficulty= 2 Stars

“Either in your room or a room in your house and use gimp or any other photo editor to focus on one color in the room.”

This assignment utilized Photoshop to isolate one color in particular in the photo.  Red was the predominant color in this picture so I chose to make it the subject-matter.  I used the selection tool and masking options, along with adjusting the hue and saturation for the unselected area to achieve just the red being in color with everything else remaining black and white.

The subject of the photo itself (the jerseys and the Washington Capitals towel) give a little insight into how important sports and being a sports fan is to me. ┬áAll three of my baseball jerseys on the wall had the color red throughout each of them. ┬áBeing able to utilize baseball, which is such a big part of my life allowed me to connect with this assignment on a whole different level. ┬áThe Capitals towel represents the sports fan side of me. ┬á”Flying the colors” ┬áand supporting my favorite NHL team is something I will always do. ┬áThe passion sports fan show for “their team” is unlike anything else.

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