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Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

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Sandlot Baseball Card


Movie Trading Cards

Design Assignment

Difficutly= 4 Stars

Design trading cards for your favorite movie. Grab a screenshot from a film of your choice to create a trading card in the spirit of the classicStar Wars movie trading cards. Also see the imagined trading card forThe Shining here for some inspiration. This assignment was inspired by Sean Hartter’s rendition of Brazil trading cards in this post.

What better fitting character for a movie trading card than Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from the Sandlot.  This movie was and still is one my favorites of all time.  Of course the hero of the movie deserves his own trading card!  I actually took an old 70′s baseball card and deleted the original player (Dale Murphy) and then pasted in Benny “The Jet”.  I redid all of the logos, and name plate to have it reflect the new player on the card.  I would have killed to have gotten a Benny “The Jet” trading card when I was a kid!

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