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Looking At Yourself

Visual Assignment

Difficulty= 3.5 stars

Draw, photograph, or paint your self portrait.  Make it interesting, in some way tell a story about yourself within the image.  You can use one or multiple images to complete this assignment.

For this photo I used Photoshop to crop down the image, and then add in the vignette type effect around the sides to create even more of a focused feel to the picture.  Not only is the picture itself focused in on me, but I am also quite focused in on the golf green and the ball, getting ready to sink the putt.  Having multiple dimensions of focus allow for a more complex picture.

This was one of my best shots of the day out on the golf course, but it still wasn’t going to be an easy putt.  I really had to get in the “zone” so to speak and get focused on a whole other level from the usual focus that is required to play the game effectively.  I ended up sinking the putt to end one of the best rounds of golf I have ever played.

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