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Ghosts of a Previous War

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Is That A… GHOST?!

Visual Assignment

Difficulty= 3 Stars

Take a photo in which there is a ghost like subject by either using a long exposure or 2 different pictures in a photo editing software.

For this work, I used Photoshop to create multiple layers of soldiers to place on top of the background image of the Iwo Jima Memorial.  I multiple picture of WWII soldiers to then select just the soldier in each picture and paste them into the original background image.  Through these new layers, I was able to adjust the opacity of each layer to give them the ghostly look.

I think that this picture is pretty cool on multiple levels.  First, it captures the real life soldiers that the Iwo Jima stands to represent.  Through this, you can really get a sense of the emotion that is held within the memorial itself.  Second, using the ghosted images essentially tells somewhat of a story behind the memorial and what all of the men had to go through to fight that war.

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