Transcend and transform. (Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure reflection)

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I really appreciate the examples that are relate-able, and bringing up Little Big Planet to emphasize user driven design and content really grabbed my attention. Another game that succeeds in doing the same thing, being more accessible  and on a larger scale is Minecraft. These types of digital environments help to drive the need to share with your peers and not only that but to give a helping hand.

This concept of sharing and helping hasn’t been apparent to me in the past. I use to run a personal blog to document my life and I follow a subculture that looks for every opportunity to bash people in the most inhumane ways. This subculture happens to be the Hip-Hop culture, Rap in particular. Rap is largely driven by self promotion and I have seen this not only in Rap culture but it’s happening across the board within society itself. Twitter, instagram, and facebook all seem to be platforms for narcissistic or shallow behavior.

I’ve only come across this type of approach to learning (using a blog/social media) once and that was back in my freshman year of O.D.U. in ’08 and it was only optional and small compared to the spectrum in which in this class tackles.

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