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Invader GIF

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Somehow I deleted my invaders gif post and it wasn’t in the trash anymore, so here it is up again!

So I finally made my “Twilight Zone” Gif!  Based it on the episode “The Invaders.”  The gif I chose was when the main character hears the sound from up in the attic and covers her ears.  I chose this because it was a key scene in the episode and also because I thought it made a really good gif.


It took me awhile to make this because 1. I had to download photoshop 2. I had to learn how to use photoshop 3. I had to learn how to make a gif.  This assignment was definitely very instructional though and it’ll be a lot easier (I hope) to do things like this in the future. This took me well over an hour, and would have taken even longer if it weren’t for this tutorial.  I originally tried to import the entire movie which turned out to be a really bad idea and I ended up going to youtube to find the clip. I actually tried using some gif apps from the apple app store, but sadly, I couldn’t figure them out.  So in photoshop I edited the frames down and voila, I had my gif.

Difficulty: 4 1/2 stars

View the Original Assignment Here

(p.s. my title is a play on the show “Invader Zim”)


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