1. Claire Patrick

    Week 2 Summary


    Huzzah! I made it to the end of Week 2 in ds106 and compared to where I was at the end of week 1 I’ve come a long long way.  If I was to grade myself on last week I would give myself a D maybe a D+ or C- …

  2. Claire Patrick

    Creative Commons


    So this is kind of a working post because there is a lot more I need to learn about Creative Commons than I know right now, but I needed to get what little knowledge I have in my brain down on the blog.  As I learn more about this I …

  3. Claire Patrick

    The Scottlo Show


    So, long time listener first time blogger about Scottlo (kidding, he’s only had 14 for the ds106zone and I’ve been kind of bad at keeping up with it.)  So anyways, I usually listen to Scottlo while I’m at work which is a nice break, except for a few of them …

  4. Claire Patrick

    Design Safari


    So this week Jim asked us to go on a “Design Safari” to learn more about the concepts of design that DS106 encompasses.  Below are my four examples of: form/function, unity, typography, and color.

    I found my design elements and #designblitz images around where I live in Arlington, Virginia. At …

  5. Claire Patrick

    The Midnight Call


    So I based this audio assignment off of The Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun.”  The assignment was to create a fake 911 call which I did by myself on garageband. The actors are a skeptical operator and a victim of the midnight sun’s heat.

    It’s pretty silly but probably …

  6. Claire Patrick

    Personal Spam


    So this assignment was called “Taking Back Spam” and it was pretty simple: to find a piece of spam and read it out loud in our own way.  I added a little extra sentence at the beginning to convey my own feelings about the spammers and what it sounds like …

  7. Claire Patrick

    Hallelujah there are four of me now!


    Well this was kind of an embarrassing/funny assignment to do – I recorded myself singing the same opening verse, from Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” 4 times.  I sang pretty much the same all four times (I’m no musical harmonizing sensation) but on one of the tracks I used the ‘deeper vocals’ …

  8. Claire Patrick

    The Contest You Might Be Able to Win


    So this assignment was called “The contest nobody could win” and we had to take 6 audio sound clips less than one second each.  So here are six song clips, some are pretty easy to guess but let’s see if you can guess all six??

    hint: they all have to …

  9. Claire Patrick



    So for this assignment we were supposed to record a journal entry we wrote as a teenager (I was 19)  and really capture the mood of it through effects.

    I recorded my entry on Garage Band, I’m and audio noob so I didn’t do anythign too fancy but I …

  10. Claire Patrick

    Calling Mrs.Bronson


    So in The Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun” Mrs. Bronson goes completely cray because of the sweltering heat.  She takes one of Norma’s paintings of a waterfall claiming she can hear it and presses herself on to it.

    This assignment was to create a “bird call” for someone and, …

  11. Claire Patrick

    Frustrated Freshmen


    So today’s dailycreate was to “Post an authentic sounding comment to the Coursera blog as a fictitious, MOOC loving student.” I posted a comment from the voice of a “frustrated freshmen:”

    “I hate having to go to class! My professors are sooooooo boring and it’s so annoying have to walk …

  12. Claire Patrick

    Lord of the What?


    So for this assignment we were supposed to take the cover of a well-known book and re-design the cover to give off an entirely different meaning – soooo basically an awesome assignment creatively.

    After some brainstorming and some giggling to myself I came up with this:

    I got the image …

  13. Claire Patrick

    The Great Womp


    Disclaimer: This isn’t animating correctly, but I’m working on it……

    So I decided to try out the “animate a movie poster” assignment, which basically, based on the title, is self-explanatory.  So, this is titled “The Great Womp” for two reasons 1. I wanted to do The Great Gatsby and 2. …

  14. Claire Patrick

    Invader GIF


    Somehow I deleted my invaders gif post and it wasn’t in the trash anymore, so here it is up again!

    So I finally made my “Twilight Zone” Gif!  Based it on the episode “The Invaders.”  The gif I chose was when the main character hears the sound from up in …

  15. Claire Patrick

    Just for Fun


    So I watch this show on Showtime, well it used to be on Showtime, it’s over now, called Weeds.  The main character, Nancy Botwin, is notorious for chewing on straws so I created this little gif of her chewing on one.  It’s not that great but I thought it captured …

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