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Eminem vs Mr. Henry Bermis

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So I needed one more star to finish my audio assignments for the week and it had to be related to The Twilight Zone.  I was looking around at the 1 star assignments not really finding any that I could relate to the show that well and finally ended up deciding to do the “forced collab” assignment.  Which was to “make a song you would never expect to hear” by mixing two songs together – I took 3 clips: Eminems “Lose Yourself,” a short clip from the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last,” and the Twilight Zone theme song.

The reason I chose “Lose Yourself” is because of the lyrics: “if you had one shot one opportunity would you capture it, or just let it slip?” In the episode Henry has his ultimate opportunity but “chokes” (like Eminem says in the song about choking at the rap show) and drops his glasses he just “let it slip.” Eminem talks about time being up and capturing the moment saying “you only get one shot….opportunity only comes once in a lifetime;” in a way it’s very reminiscent of Henry Bemis.

I used garage band to cut up the Henry Bermis clip as well as the Twilight Zone clip. I duplicated the Henry Bermis clip and placed different parts of it throughout Eminem’s song.  It’s not perfect and I definitely think it could have been a lot cooler, but this is definitely my favorite audio assignment of mine this week and I’ve always been in to mashups and remixes so I’m glad I got the opportunity to make one for myself! The beginning is definitely the best part so if you don’t like Eminem then no need to listen past the first 1:10 to get the idea.

Difficulty: 1 1/2 stars

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