Justin Bieber Likes Turtles

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“The concept is to mashup something along the lines of a public apology, a commercial, a pandering politcial speech or anything you’d like to mock for the public good. Here are the steps-1. Pull the audio as an mp3 from YouTube using Zamzar or something similar. 2. Import it into audacity or any audio mixer you have. 3. Import the music you want to layer behind the audio. 4. Edit to taste. 5. Upload to soundcloud. 6. Share the link.”

I thought I would take a jab at Justin Bieber’s speech at the Billboard Music Awards when he was booed when he received his milestone award.

Sardonic Mashups assignment

Worth: 3 1/2 stars

Here is footage of that speech.

Also here is the viral video of the kid in zombie face paint if you haven’t seen it.

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