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Creative Commons… What is it?

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The Creative Commons (CC) is a way that helps all of us share our work and knowledge with the rest of the world through any sort of sharing methods.  The Creative Commons allow you to gain support in legal and technical actions that make it so that you can using your work and knowledge to share to it’s highest ability.  The Creative Commons gives you the opportunity to place copyrights on your work.  This can help keep your work as your own, while also giving you the choice of letting other people build upon your work and share it etc.  The Creative Commons lists their vision as, “Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet — universal access to research and education, full participation in culture — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.”  This really shows how dedicated they are into revolutionizing and creating a whole new way that we share, and grow our internet experience with one another.  They have various tools and licsences that help to build the infrastructure behind the CC.  The goal of making it possible for universal access for everyone is the driving factor behind the commons.  They strive to create a sort of “balance” between what the internet really involves, and how the copyrights play into account.

I think it’s pretty amazing that they are offering you this help for free.  You can obtain CC copyrights on your work to share for free through CC.  I believe that this will really cause people to use this “service” for all it’s good and expand their sharing, in turn, expanding the internet experience as a whole.  The shear amount of information that the CC provides to you is astounding.  They really give you everything you would ever need to create your copyrights and license your work.  This alone is a major tool that anyone can take advantage of and use to help them in many ways.

Being able to license my own work now will allow me to have the copyrights I need to protect my work, while also giving other people the opportunity to build upon my work, and make it better.  The CC copyrights and licensing tools will also allow for my work to be shared throughout the internet.  Knowing that I have the ability to share my work and have others share it just lets you have even more freedom with what you do.   There are ton of big name companies and people that use CC to help limit the use and share their work.  If they can do it, so can I!

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