TDC- 511 Sequel to Henry Bemis

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The sequel picks back up with poor Henry, back to the idea of ending his life. What did he have to live for? Alone…the world has been devastated, and the one thing he could ever want to spend his free time doing had been rendered impossible. After years and years of cruel nagging from his wife and badgering at work, Henry was already a pretty pessimistic guy. He looked to books to escape his horrible life. Then he realized….there was nothing left to nag him. He didn’t need an escape. He was finally free! It may not have been through books, but he had actually escaped, as if through one of his beloved novels, out of his life and into a new world. Hope at last! He wouldn’t have to deal with everything that had made him who he was, a pessimistic, sad, shell of a human. But then……..from far off in the distance- a voice. He couldn’t tell who had survived, but it was definitely a person! He was so excited! He wouldn’t be alone! Perhaps this person could even share stories with him.. as the person drew nearer, he could tell it was a woman…and the voice could be heard more clearly…….it was familiar……..oh F**k. His wife. Of all the people to survive, it was his cruel B!tch of a wife. Apparently, like in tornadoes, the bathtub can keep you safe from an H bomb…….and his wife had been enjoying a relaxing bubble bath thinking of more ways to torment her husband when the bomb had gone off. “BUT I WAS FINALLY FREE!!!” Henry shouted….”I was finally free…” he whispered.

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