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For this assignment ( ) I had to do a recording of what my familys typical dinner conversations would be like. But, I had to act as everyone in my family. First I have myself talking. I was big into field hockey in highschool and always had practices. My dad is so deaf so I tried to have him saying what a lot. My mom is a teacher at our middle school (7th AND 8th grade) and she always has the wierdest stories from her class. My sister is only a year older than mebut she is big into anatomy and the medical field. Then there is my dad, who is always saying what and cant hear anything we are saying, and loves the jets and every year he says they are going all the way. This ismy crazy family, and a little bit of what our dinner table talk is like.
I recorded, and uploaded this from the soundcloud website. This is worth 2 stars

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