Radio show group meeting one

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Today my group for our radio show had our first meeting. Rita was on top of things and allready had a pretty well thoughtout idea for out show so we are going to go with that. Today we oovooed and discussed what we were going to do, who was going to do what, how we were going to go about these and when we wanted to have everything done. I am in charge of helping Rita write up the script and I am also the main character in our talk show, and will probably also play some parts in our commercials. By tomorrow night, our script is to be done. Thursday we are to record our seperate parts and then by friday everything should be done and submitted!

My group seems really cool and available and wanting to help with everything! I cant wait to start the write up and recording, I feel like this is going to end up really cool and is going to be fun to do!

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