Taylor Swift Mashup

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For this assignment (assignments.ds106.us/assignments/so…greatest-hits/ ) I was told to pick my favorite artist, and do a mashup of my favorite songs from them. Well, my favorite artist is Taylor swift, of course, So I picked some of my favorite songs of hers, that I thought would go well together, and i tried to put them together. This was very difficult, I have never really used Audacity before, so this let me get a little better acquainted with it, but I would record one part of a song, pause, then record the others, and so on, then I had to go back through and make sure to edit out the parts I did not want in and the noises that I did not want. I tried to put them together as best, and as smoothly as possible, but it was really difficult since I have never really used this before ! I used the songs: Love story, Mine, Im only me when im with you, and You belong with me. All by Taylor Swift.
This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

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