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Lo Down 016

Love the part about latency and why it might cause some to sound drunk…Scott droppin knowledge here.

Lo Down 017

This is evidence of how dynamic the Lo Downs can get, it was great to witness the chemistry between Rochelle and Amber of this Mother/ Daughter duo. It was apparent that they had a lot of fun recording.

Lo Down 018

Jim Groom taking over the Lo Down in number 18, and I literally lol when you were reacting to Andrew’s bumper and adding your commentary. I thoroughly enjoyed the bashing of other ds106 students and their 911 call assignments. Which, I kind of feel left out now, and want some trash talk on my 911 call. Anybody is welcome to talk smack below in the comments. Please, I want to be on the fun! haha

Lo Down 019

I always get lime green jelly when Scott Lockman describes his scenery. I love to travel and I hope I get to see some of Bahrain before I die. I’m adding that to my bucketlist. I pretty sure my dad was in Bahrain for deployment when he was in the Navy. Anyways, great links on explaining amplify/normalize tools, and envelope editing. I figured these tools out on my own when fiddling with audio a couple of years ago but it’s good to see explained in text. Question. Is there anybody else out there in ds106 land that just explores a program without reading tutorials and how has this benefited you or hurt you?


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