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Victory at Sea

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Environmental degradation is a real thing and the damages of pollution are adding up. You may not be able to see, at this point, the direct effects of your trash can. However, we are becoming more aware of the vast, negative impact our trash is having on the environment. How long will we be able to enjoy a day at the beach, a cruise on the boat, the waves of the ocean, or the fresh water of a mountain spring?

As a surfer, I’m passionate about caring for our ocean. Yet, beyond surfing, taking care of the ocean is vital for everyone’s future. With the hours I’ve spent in the sea, I have had some first hand experience of the amount of trash ending up in the ocean. You’d be amazed at the items i’ve pulled out of the water; Plastic bags, shoes, water bottles, sunglasses, Oh and if anyone’s missing their cellphone, I’ve found a few out there.

On top of ruining the playground we call “The Great Outdoors”,  trash and pollutants go into the ocean harming the ecosystem. For example, those plastic bags we all so easily carry out of the grocery story are known to kill sea turtles and other marine life (as they mistake them for jellies thinking they’ve found a nice meal).

We cannot continue to carelessly ignore the negative impact our trash has on the ocean and environment. Many people and organizations have already reached this understanding and are making changes.

So what can we do?

One great impact a person can have on the environment is to REDUCE their use of trash (especially plastic). Kyle Thiermann is a really rad surfer who started Surfing for Change. He’s made several documentaries on environmental degradation so check them out. Here’s one specifically about Reducing use of plastic.

Joining with like minded people is always important in changing the world. Organizations like The Surfrider Foundation have been bringing people together to correct the negative trend of pollution. My good friend, Jessie, and I got involved with our local chapter this past week. We spent the Saturday surfing good waves and cleaning our beach.

Together the Virginia Beach chapter volunteers picked up 105 pounds of trash Saturday Morning at the  beach.

Together, we can bring victory. Victory at Sea.

The ocean takes care of you. So, take care of your ocean.

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