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ReSharpening the Saw

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DSC00973-1     This passed week I has set myself a simple goal. Clean out the clutter out of my office and get back on track. I have noticed after a period time my office/studio slowly but surely accumulates allot of little stuff that become so abundant that it gets in the way from my daily tasks. It slows down my progress of getting things done quickly. Every so gradual, it start taking time away from me until I am weeks behind on accomplishing anything. On Friday I removed two major things out of my office and placed them in the garage where they can be utilized. That removed, it allowed the rest of the clutter to start flowing out of my office and into the recycling bin or to the local thrift store. The feel of the room has change dramatically. From a place of a dreary place of work to a bright happy place to get thing done. I am not done yet, I started organizing all the books and paper work on my desk. But once that is done I can start redesigning my my office.

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