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  1. dr

    Closing Shop

    Thank you to all the visitors and the comments you left. I am closing this site up due to the lack of time to contribute to this site.
  2. dr

    Tis the season the get things done.

         This morning I am enjoying a cup of mocha to warm up my hands and innards. Need to spend some time coming up with a few ideas for the blog and photographs. Just a couple holiday stories and photos to accompany them with. As you can tell, I am not very good at matching […]
  3. dr

    Tonight’s Moon

    Last night while taking a break from clearing out my office space I noticed the Moon through the window. At first I thought I should grab my camera and go outside for a moment and take some pictures. My second thought was “Do I really want to get out my camera gear that I just […]
  4. dr

    ReSharpening the Saw

         This passed week I has set myself a simple goal. Clean out the clutter out of my office and get back on track. I have noticed after a period time my office/studio slowly but surely accumulates allot of little stuff that become so abundant that it gets in the way from my daily tasks. […]
  5. dr

    On Location : Snoqualmie Falls

    Location: Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie, WA | USA [47.54192°N 121.83685°W] Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 ft (82 m) waterfall on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington, USA.  
  6. dr

    Snoqualmie Falls

    The last few weeks the outside temperature has plummeted down to below freezing. With Seattle all frosted over, I had and itch to go to Snoqualmie Falls after work. to see how much ice build up there was. I was not disappointed on how much ice accumulated around the water fall. I took some pictures […]
  7. dr

    Holiday Season is Upon Us

    The Holiday Season is upon us and all my free time is quickly being used to enjoying this season’s activities. I love the winter season in Washington State. So many activities, so little time. After work, I am planning to go on location to Snoqualmie Falls to take some pictures and video. I need to […]
  8. dr

    De-cluttering Life

    For the past few months I have been working on a whole plethora of home projects. Trying to get them all done before the Seattle rain comes in. Well autumn has arrived with the rain clouds. I missed a few projects, but in whole I have accomplished quite a bit. One day while I was […]
  9. dr

    On my way home.


    On my way home from a fun filled week in Indy. Can’t wait to get back to Seattle to finish off the season with a few good hikes on Mount Rainier. …

  10. dr

    Rainy Day

    Today is a cool rainy day in Seattle. While staying inside I decided to work on my website adding a Broadcast page. I am still working out the kinks but it mostly works right now. I am going to use this page when I go live on the air from either from the streets or […]
  11. dr

    Packing for Indy

         Next weekend I will be leaving for a trip to Indianapolis to work at a convention for a full week. Looking at all my gear, it dawned upon me that I don’t need to carry as much electronic equipment as I use to. For example, my laptop only weighs 3 pound compared to the […]
  12. dr

    Time keeps on slipping away

         So little time these days, with family and work responsibilities, it’s hard for me to do the things I enjoy  in solace. Sketching out ideas and build them into reality is something I love to do. I haven’t done this for a long time due to the lack of time. To keep my sanity […]
  13. dr

    Planning for my next adventure


    Backyard: Racoon on top of a 23ft Cherry Tree

    Grabbing my maps, research materials, and laptop I head outside to put together a tour of ghost towns I can hit over a weekends time. Last year  I did a quick expedition to Lester, WA and fell in love with the …

  14. dr

    Living through Exhaustion


    For the past month there has been an enormous amount of work professionally and personally. I have cut out allot of my wasted time and focused on the important things that makes life fun and enjoyable. Since summer has gone full swing for me, I have been busy with house …

  15. dr

    Northeastern Washington Trip


    This last weekend we went around Northeastern Washington. Started the trip from Seattle to Grand Coulee Dam then across to Chief Joseph Dam. We spent the night just south of Gran Coulee on the shores of Bakers Lake. Fun trip! Will do a complete write up soon. In the mean …

  16. dr

    And all a Good Night


    For the past few weeks it has been incredibly busy for me. During the business week I am over loaded work. With every accomplishment comes with a wave of increasing amount of work. This will not be the normal soon. With all the new hires completing their training, most of …

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