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This blog has been rekindled in preparation for the next ds106 class I am teaching, this time for George Mason University. The class is EDIT 572: Digital Audio/Video Design and Applications:

Provides basic knowledge of the range of capabilities of available audio and video design applications. Students learn to cultivate effective audio and video design practices for creating instructional products.

I have been asked to teach it with an emphasis on storytelling and will be using much of the ds106 approach I have used for previous classes. And while my focus os on my two sections of students, the experience will be “open as usual” for anyone else in the open community who wants to follow alpng.

This ds106 tricks blog is just the place where I may do some of the same assignments I ask my students to do. And this post is just so I can make sure the blog aggregator works. This post should appear on the ds106 tag archives for boths sectionsL https://ds106.us/tag/gmuspr14s1 and https://ds106.us/tag/gmuspr14s2

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